Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Aloha - 2 days and 2 nights in paradise

A long flight that was broken into two 5 hrs-ish hops : Boston- San Fran-Kona. Got to Hilton Waikoloa Resort just in time to see the sunset. I love the resort, a place where the boat ride is also a fish pond with huge fish is a win for me.

Woke up way before the sunrise due to the jet lag so I managed to head out to Green Beach (which is more yellowish green.

Saturday beach has the local as well as the tourists, youngsters from a new born (in arms of proud parents). But the wave was very very strong but fun to take a tumble or two.

On the way back, I took in off beaten track and found a small alcove beach full of really really green sand!!

Looked like the sand got wash up on the shore recently. I guess it proves that 'the road less travel' does pay!!!

I've also taken to taking my 4 musketeers of 'friends' along with me in my various trips - from cat-sitting to a quick weekend to the Big Island.

So here is the proof that you'll never too old to have toys !!!!

Followed by a trip to Black Beach (from recent lava flow). There I found turtles on the beach, they look without a care in the world.

But the traditional picture sure look good....

The next day, exhausted from the hiking and surfing the strong current. Spent breakfast watching the dolphins (born in captivity) within the resort.

So here is the picture from my room. It overlook the inlet so it's actually salt water. I later took a walk in the water and found fishes :-)

I was debating on what to do until I came across the hammock - then SOLD.

A lazy day listening to the sea breeze blowing through coconut trees, bird chirping away - can't beat that.

Took a dip in the open sea (but within the resort) and discovered that there were lots of fishes - big and small. I think I recognize some of them - I think her name was Doris and some bright yellow ones too.

Before leaving, I had a big plan about the sunset - which fell by the way side. UNTIL, I saw a Kona Coffee place - thought - at least I could get the guys some gift. Then I turn around and wow, a perfect sunset.

Managed to even spend time souvenir shopping before getting on the plane back to SFO.

For the complete set of pictures go to: My facebook picture

2 days isn't as crazy as it sounds, I think 3 or 4 days would have been better - 1 for a volcano and another for the dolphins and nearby attractions. But definitely 2 is enough..... Sighhhhh

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Post New Year Party 2009

A fancy dress up party - the host in 3 piece suit and the usual suspects.

I was actually wearing a skirt but pull it up and tie a belt around it. Re-use, re-use.....

Some shinanigans and tomfoolery here

Elegant ladies

Pomelo peeling