Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Working hard down in Miami

Once again, I've managed to bag a nice work location. This time it's a sunny but hurricane wearied, Miami. Not sure what I' was talking about but I wish my photographer - big 'L' had warned me that he was about to take my picture...

Me think that I look rather 'toasty' or should I say 'crispy'.

Here is another one of me -and yes, the bikini top was the essential 'work' clothes :-)

I looked like I'm about to cry on this one (having your mug shot taken with Leo - would do that to you too) :-) But the sky look so nice that I can't resist posting the picture.

Met up with Leo (the one in the picture), Dietrich and Christine - they were spending a long weekend down in Miami too. We ended up at Delano with a pod of Cubans girls and drank far far to0 many Mojitos.... (Alas, no photos of those debaucheries)