Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Santa, Socializing but sadly no Snow

We started our Christmas festivities in style at the Snow Ball Charity Ball. Note that Alex is grinning like a chimp who has an apple (or is it a banana). Not sure where his hands are but the girls are smiling....

Sadly we have to say Adeus to our intrepid Brazilian rock climber - Cristiano. And to bid the farewell in the usual style - he has chosen to the the routine V6+ 'mopping up' bouldering with Christie.....

Earlier in October, when the moon was full and all the magik (with a 'k') was in the air.... We had Cristiano climbing in grass skirt. It's a democracy - he can wear them if he wants to.

Helllloooooo Halloweeeeeeennnn

How about this for pouting, I think Michel won that competition lips down.

And whose hand was in this picture - about to an internal examination? Did he think that he's a doctor?

Wait - he is a doctor !!