Saturday, November 18, 2006

And finally........

It's done - well almost. We won't mention those little left overs such as skirting board (kickboard), shelves, etc...

Dining area with new blinds on the windows that can drop from above as well as raise from below.

Next to my 'work area' cunningly hidden in an armoire.

LCD TV will be put up on the wall - at some stage. For now - it rests comfortably on a small glass front cupboard.

Opposite the TV setup is the living area and the wonderful fireplace.

I have it setup with candles, plant and my momentos from my around the world travel.

The bookcase at the back is in fact my shoe cupboard !!

A close up of the glass top dining table. I found it at Ikea - words in many many languages, all meaning LOVE. I then match it with a custom made cast iron tablebase.

Towards the front door of my apartment. The kitchen is just visible on the left.