Saturday, November 10, 2007

Roma - a gioco

Signore e signori - Benvenuti

That's just about where my Italian has got to. Not unlike Milano - Roma is full pleasurable sites, ancient history, little side streets that are full of wonderful shops.

And yes, I tell the truth !!!!!!

(me at La Bocca della Verità = mouth of truth)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

In memory of the kitties I loved before....

Ollie - aka Gumby. The terror of the neighbourhood - he couldn't help it - he's blind as a bat.

And here is Stanley 'The tart" - this picture said it all......

Sir Percy sleeping on his favourite cushion. He got the name after Sir Perceval from Scarlet Pimpernel but affectionately known as Perse. Long stories

And here is Toffee, the nose.......... BTW, his full name was Travellers Fare !!!!

Young Tabsy (Tabitha) with her pal - Tom Kitten.

Lastly is Chi Chi Red Peakrush - commonly known as Red. He is wearing a fetching hat. Given a new meaning to "Red Hat"

Monday, October 01, 2007

Sailing - a new definition

After an afternoon on the water, Kamie is ready for some snack, ummm - this little thing look kinna appetizing.

Of course, it doesn't really want to be my between meal - munchies :-)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Working hard down in Miami

Once again, I've managed to bag a nice work location. This time it's a sunny but hurricane wearied, Miami. Not sure what I' was talking about but I wish my photographer - big 'L' had warned me that he was about to take my picture...

Me think that I look rather 'toasty' or should I say 'crispy'.

Here is another one of me -and yes, the bikini top was the essential 'work' clothes :-)

I looked like I'm about to cry on this one (having your mug shot taken with Leo - would do that to you too) :-) But the sky look so nice that I can't resist posting the picture.

Met up with Leo (the one in the picture), Dietrich and Christine - they were spending a long weekend down in Miami too. We ended up at Delano with a pod of Cubans girls and drank far far to0 many Mojitos.... (Alas, no photos of those debaucheries)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Work Glorious Work

A colleague took this picture (using iPhone - no less) at the end of our technical design workshop session. And yes, by the end of the day - that simple diagram (behind my head) was enough to send me over the edge and a splitting headache ensued for a while.....

Friday, July 13, 2007

Magnifico Italia

An evening rambling about the Milano Duomo Piazza and I stumbled upon a very nice shopping arcade - it reminded of a small arcade just around the corner from Piccadilly Circus. Bu then I saw this and HAD to take this picture. McDonald next to Louis Vuitton.... Talk about brand recognition !!

Dinner with friends (yes, we are all IBMers - true blue) at Formaggio Fondu.

And a few bottles of vino rosso later, this happened.....

Ok, it wasn't my idea but it seemed the most natural thing to do - at that time.

Besides, I didn't know that it was a cow - or at least that cows have horns...

Now for something more 'cultural' and morally uplifting from Venezia and Verona.

The Venezia Porto on the approach from the Ferry. Very impressive and the water is fairly clear too....

A view of Piazza San Marco - with zillions of tourists and yes, I'm one of them.

This one speaks for itself. Cute kitty in costume

The Arena in Verona - a Roman amphi-theatre. These days are the setting for the summer open air Opera.

A view from my seat at Aida Opera.

Last but definitely not least, something memorable from Verona..... Bet you didn't know that size 34 B comes in pint!!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Me and my sisters....

Viv, a budding Patrick Lichfield is attempting to create iconic photograph from the bronze ducklings. While I attempted to (and not succeeded in) sitting on the duck.....

Here is a picture of me and big sis. I'm wearing my favourite sandals that they carried with them to the Galapagos via Miami to Boston for me. (Which is why I look about 10 feet taller than she is.) This one is taken just outside my house....

This one - we are walking on Comm Ave with little Sister.

And of course, I took them sailing. All visitors to Boston are subjected to a random afternoon sailing with Skipper Kamie :-)

Errr, who the visitor here.....

Monday, March 26, 2007

New me, old me

June 6: These were taken by my sisters in early June 07. As you can see, I haven't changed that much (the teeth are better aligned and lower jaw slightly pushed back).

April 19
Updated version of me.....

March 23:
Due to popular demand, I will be posting my new face (well, jaws actually) as it progresses through it's recovery. And no, there is no known picture of me looking like a cross between a chipmonk and Jaws from Moonraker (and if Andrew says otherwise, his life won't be worth living.......).

And to complete the Trio......

Never thought about this before but for someone who really doesn't care much about acquiring material weath - I sure have two too many properties (one in each of the 3 continents).

So to complete the picture, here is my flat in England....

A two bedroom maisonette in the leafy Surrey.

Yeah, a very very bright green kitchen goes very well with those dark wooden cabinets. Not too sure about the 'white' goods but hey, it was a wedding present....

The wooden mask on the wall now adorn my new place in Boston............

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Santa, Socializing but sadly no Snow

We started our Christmas festivities in style at the Snow Ball Charity Ball. Note that Alex is grinning like a chimp who has an apple (or is it a banana). Not sure where his hands are but the girls are smiling....

Sadly we have to say Adeus to our intrepid Brazilian rock climber - Cristiano. And to bid the farewell in the usual style - he has chosen to the the routine V6+ 'mopping up' bouldering with Christie.....

Earlier in October, when the moon was full and all the magik (with a 'k') was in the air.... We had Cristiano climbing in grass skirt. It's a democracy - he can wear them if he wants to.

Helllloooooo Halloweeeeeeennnn

How about this for pouting, I think Michel won that competition lips down.

And whose hand was in this picture - about to an internal examination? Did he think that he's a doctor?

Wait - he is a doctor !!