Tuesday, October 16, 2007

In memory of the kitties I loved before....

Ollie - aka Gumby. The terror of the neighbourhood - he couldn't help it - he's blind as a bat.

And here is Stanley 'The tart" - this picture said it all......

Sir Percy sleeping on his favourite cushion. He got the name after Sir Perceval from Scarlet Pimpernel but affectionately known as Perse. Long stories

And here is Toffee, the nose.......... BTW, his full name was Travellers Fare !!!!

Young Tabsy (Tabitha) with her pal - Tom Kitten.

Lastly is Chi Chi Red Peakrush - commonly known as Red. He is wearing a fetching hat. Given a new meaning to "Red Hat"

Monday, October 01, 2007

Sailing - a new definition

After an afternoon on the water, Kamie is ready for some snack, ummm - this little thing look kinna appetizing.

Of course, it doesn't really want to be my between meal - munchies :-)