Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More climbing stuff and ball juggling too !!!

We decided that it would be a good idea to get up at a crack on dawn on Sunday (6am) and drive up 2.5 hrs to do some hard core outdoor climbing.

The problem was 'the rain'..... Ming - forever an optimist, said that it would be ok and that it would not be raining up in the 'Hampshire' New Hampshire that is. He was WRONG !!!!!

So we did the next best thing, went to Plain Jane and have enormous breakfast, then went to explore the 'Polar Caves'. Here is Rob climbing the inside of the cave wall.

And playing little red Indian with kiddies costume (we all did - but none of the pictures was as good as his - so.....)

Then we went on to play Frisbee and tennis ball juggling in the parking lot.

Here is Brian and Rob - swapping their balls with each other :-)

Eventually and due in no small part by Ming's insistence on checking out the parking lot wall and the meadows, we did indeed got to do some climbing.

I was the small figure at the lower half of the picture and Jason (in black) hidden amongst the leaves.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lotus Tech Conf in Amsterdam

I went to the Lotus Technical Conference to give a talk unfortunately, most of the pictures I'm presenting are blurred - so here are some of extra curricula activities I participated in.

Taken at the restaurant at the end of the first day. Left to right: Eric, Herbert, Alan, me, Arjan and Gebhard.

Then we moved on to Karaoke Bar. At this point, we were a bit shy and only listen to others making a noise for themselves.

Next we got brave, this was Alan trying to mime to the music, using me as a prop. Poor Alan, I'm not exactly feather weight !!!!