Sunday, July 23, 2006

Signed, Sealed and Delivered (well, almost)

Closed (completed) on my new flat on 18. Thought I captured the 'before' before the new paint, and new furturniture turned up.

Can't wait till the winter to try out this gorgeous and enormous fireplace !!

My new daily exercise, the Beacon St Stairs Master ......

A new kitchen (new to me in any case), a small but perfectly formed.... I can have endless fun trying out my 'famous' Thai cooking here.

Here is a complete set of pictures - showing all the rooms and exteriors for the bachelorette pad

Monday, July 17, 2006

Baby, Baby, Beautiful Baby

Next was the intended event for my trip to London. As usual, I was late for the Christening. Got there just in time to see little Thomas being 'bathe' in holy water. Thomas was very good - he slept through the entire thing.

Kevin and Louise - the proud parents, Aunties Kamie and Tammy (not too proud - as the title Aunty is soooooo aging).

And here is another of Aunty Kamie trying (very unsucessfully) to be a good helper. This one - Thomas has just stopped screaming his eyes out. He proceeded to suck my hair and drooled all over my shoulder - ummm, yummy. JUST as well that I don't have one of these.....

The Anglesea Arms

Fresh from my catnap (over the atlantic) - I headed out to meet my old golfing pals down at our favourite 19th (watering) hole. The Anglesea Arms was just as busy as I remembered it. Full of Friday investment bankers, wannabe rock stars, impoverished post docs and even an odd FRS's or two..... (For those non-English amongst the readers - FRS = Fellow of the Royal Society).

Pat (still whacking the balls in England), Mike - Jonesy or Dr Jones to some (spending most of his time pretending to be a pro in Singapore) and Rob (soon to be an upside down golfer in Auckland). For now, the picture says a thousand words. Anyway, it was good to catch up with lots of old friends again.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

The preparation

The preparation was sooo tiring, time for a little cat-nap.....