Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial weekend with the crowd in Arcadia

Nice that someone took time to arrange those rocks !!!

Bar Harbor is so called because there is a 'bar' of rock on the harbor.

This is my very first climb with Christie on belaying (from the top). Easy climb of about 60 feet drop.

This is a side view of the climb - nearly everyone started on this on as a warm up.

A bunch of us newbies also did our first rappel - mine was quite spectecular as I went down part way head first !!!

It is a good spectator sport. If you're not afraid of height !!!

PS: I was scare to death just looking down..

Table 1 at the BBQ - it was actually cold since we were in a giant tent.

In all, there were around 40+ of us staying at the camp site.

These are just some that made it to the farewell miniture golf.

Love to do it again and soon